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My name is Ish Ledesma. Shortly after graduating from college, I found myself walking into a tattoo studio to seek counter help.  Next thing I know, I am tattooing.  That’s how my career as a tattooer got started, by simply walking into a studio looking for a job.  Luckily I had my over sized portfolio of my drawings and paintings in my car.  

     My dedication as a tattooer was ambiguous.  Wasn’t sure if it was what I was looking for.  Yes, my degree was in Fine Art, but never thought that it would lead to a career in tattooing.  After shop hopping over years I found myself wanting to take it serious.  

      Serious doubt and hesitation prevented me from diving head first into the competitive and intimidating field of tattooing.  Being referred to the Premier Tattoo co. family was the best thing that could have happened to squash my hesitation.  Making the jump to get back into tattooing with Premier was the best decision.  Through guidance from my mentor and owner June Parsons, along with fellow artists, I have grown tremendously as a tattoo artist.   

     Through hard work and lots of failing, I now find myself a Premier Sponsored Artist, publication in InkEnvy Magazine, and an InkEnvy Magazine Pro Team Artist.


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