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My name is Dre Vinci and I have been tattooing for a cumulative of 16 years this August 2023.
Im often asked why and what got me into tattooing. That in itself has been a complicated
question and answer. Ive been taking some personal time for deep introspective practices and
this is the answer I have come to. I am tattooing and tattooing is me. Id be nothing without it
yet it can never be taken away from me or my body. I tattoo because in some way, it gives us
power over ourselves and our vessels, it helps us become who we wish to be. I know for
myself suffering with dysmorphia, it has helped me feel comfortable in my skin, as I hope I help
others. At the end of the day tattooing, Im often exhausted yet fulfilled. The art is absolutely
beautiful don’t get me wrong, but in my years of practice, the experience of the moment and
watching someone not only break through their barriers, but also grow has been the joy of
what I do. I was once given wisdom that has helped me grow and I offer this back to my clients
to choose something for themselves. I explain to think of the best version of yourself, then
become it and drop all of the rest. What do you see? That’s what I want to bring out in myself
and others when I offer my practice. I love tattooing and it is who I am. Ive lived a beautiful life
for which I am grateful and have even lost friends and family to this industry in balance of the
blessings Ive received. All I ask in appreciation of the art of tattoo, is to make beauty and
empower those I surround myself with. I appreciate everyone has has been apart of my growth,
art, and experiences.
I am Dre Vinci Tattoo Artist
Apprentice of
Jim Watson (Permanent Images Alma Michigan)
Jason Rhodes (Intricate Decore Mt. Pleasant Michigan)
Proud Premier Tattoo Company Artist
Forever a student of life, always seeking adventure and the beauty of a moment.

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