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Tattoo Artist; Former HiLo Driver
Full time Father, most of the time husband, all around simple guy, yet extremely
complicated, born and raised in southeast Michigan Westland/Metro Detroit area, my
artistic journey began at a young age from airplane battle scenes at the age of seven
to vocational/technical graphic design classes in high school leading to animation
studies at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the late nineties. Post 2001, reality and
responsibility navigated me towards a traditional job in order to pay the "Bills"
however that became just the beginning of my Tattoo journey when in 2006 my
mother was kind enough to purchase my first real machine/power supply set up, she
became one of my first and most frequent clients along with many of my friends and
coworkers donating canvas to propel me further in experience and knowledge of skin
types, techniques and client/artist relations. For nearly 15 years I honed the craft
individually with mainly influences from the internet and television dramas. Post 2020
while not having tattooed for almost 3 years due to restrictions and limitations, i
finally grew tired of wasting my talent operating an industrial machine and decided to
dive all in to learning and perfecting the use of these new pen style machines, so i
quit my full time job and moved into the retirement phase of my life where all i do is
create art and produce tattoos all day! The style of tattooing i like to specialize in is
"Happy Smiles" satisfied clients are my goals for everything i approach. I take pride in
all my work and bringing individuals unique visions to life is the driving force that
wakes me up everyday! Family, community, and respect are just a few of the things i
value most, and bring those things together through tattooing has been my dream job
and I would be Super Excited to help bring those visions and ideas to life for you too!

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