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I am Gokey. I love being with my family, creating art, and being outdoors. My family and art are everything to me. I have always loved to draw; ever since I can remember, if I wasn’t outside, I was drawing. A few sports injuries helped with time to draw. I especially loved playing soccer, but with the last injury taking my playing days away, I found art gave me an equivalent happiness. I discovered a hidden talent; I could create the world my imagination made up. Then, when I showed anyone, their reaction to the drawing was what I liked the most. They felt the drawing. They felt what was there. That. That was inspiring.


When college started, I found my favorite mediums: Graphite and Acrylic Paints. While out celebrating my sister's bachelorette party, I was offered a job as an artist with Paint and Pour. I was promoted to manager of two of their four studios, one of them being with Heavenly Horse Stables. This kicked off a world of ideas and excitement. After the shutdown of Paint and Pour and my college in 2020, I started my own painting parties called Painting In Hell; an art and educational program designed for all ages. Hosted out of the front room, which is now called Hell Creek Equestrian Center, where together we combine horses, art, and nature in day camps and other fun programs. I started thinking that my childhood dream was coming true; art, animals, and nature all in one, but something from that dream was still missing - becoming a tattoo artist.


I've always felt that tattooing is the highest form of art. Permanent art on your skin to tell stories, creating living designs that make people love themselves or life more. That's always what art has been about. The feelings people get when experiencing any form of art are enchanting. I found an opportunity to apply for an apprenticeship at Premier Tattoo Company in September 2023. My love and talent have grown, making me a tattoo artist. I'm so excited to be on this artful journey and thrilled to share my art with everyone possible, to show that happiness can be just a picture/painting/tattoo away.

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