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Hi, I'm Tink (Tori)! I started my tattoo journey in 2016 and learned everything I know at Premier! My dad used to say "I want you to tattoo me", and he would take my drawings and hold them up to his arm or leg and say "this can go here". Well, I never thought he was serious, until Christmas when I opened a box up with a tattoo machine inside. My dad then explained to me that he went up to a tattoo shop, Premier Tattoo Company, and bought me this machine. While he was buying it, the owner, June Parsons, came up to him and was asking him who he was buying the machine for. My dad told him it was for me and that I was 15 years old. The owner let him know I couldn't start tattooing until I was 18 but I could join the shop as an apprentice and begin to learn  the trade and work on my art. My life has never been the same! My style of tattooing is Neo-Traditional and New School, but mainly crazy, colorful tattoos. I love that I get to do what I love every day and learn more from the amazing family I have, that you know as Premier Tattoo Company.

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